Craftivism and Charity – Some Examples On How To Make and Give

Sometimes activism can be a lot. Even with crafting. When I’m feeling burnt out from all of the issues in our world, I try to craft as a way to directly impact someone in need. Here are some ways we can still use our crafting capabilities for good! Shiny Happy World offers an in-depth tutorial… Continue reading Craftivism and Charity – Some Examples On How To Make and Give


King Sophie’s World

Sophie’s crazy meticulous and intricate¬†embroidery work caught my eye a few months back when I saw her “Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them because they like them.” jacket. It was practically love at first sight, having a resonance to when I was pushed into lockers by abusive, moronic boys in elementary school.… Continue reading King Sophie’s World

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A Sneak Peak at my Senior Thesis

An early logo rendition! Not finalized in the slightest, but I’m hoping in a few weeks to have a website launched. ūüėČ Stay tuned! Advertisements

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Some Feminist & Crafty Resources!

These happened to be some interesting magazines/websites I stumbled across the past week, and I thought I’d highlight them. Let me know what you think!   PomPom Mag¬†– A quarterly magazine out of the U.K. featuring tutorials and patterns. They also have a podcast!   Knit Wit Mag – Knit Wit is also a quarterly… Continue reading Some Feminist & Crafty Resources!

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DIY Self-Care Pin/Patch Tutorial

The other day I posted an image on twitter of my pins, and I thought it’d make a good beginner’s tutorial for those who’d like to begin sewing/embroidering! It can double as either a pin or a patch, I just prefer using pin backs so the piece is interchangeable with a bunch of my outfits.… Continue reading DIY Self-Care Pin/Patch Tutorial

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Need a Craft Community to share your work? Here’s one!

I thought it’d be a good idea to link to some community outlets where there’s bustling activity! Feminist Fiber Art is the first example, with a Facebook and Instagram.¬†Their main goal involves sharing current textile/fiber based work and featuring the artists, as well as promoting their traveling exhibitions. You can submit to their tumblr¬†applications if… Continue reading Need a Craft Community to share your work? Here’s one!

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How Craftivism has helped me cope under stress

I think I can speak on behalf of a group of people in regards to feeling extremely overwhelmed when it comes to the media both via television and online. It is unavoidable to run into bickering or all out screaming matches with THE USE OF CAPSLOCK when you just want to look at cute cats… Continue reading How Craftivism has helped me cope under stress