Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill (@Hanecdote)

Hannah Hill (@hanecdote) is a 22-year-old fine art student in Britain. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and body positivity. Her claim to fame was embroidering the infamous Arthur Fist Meme, which gained over 19 thousand likes and was featured on Buzzfeed, The Fader, and Bust. Hannah works in super-fine detail, sketching her embroidery collages before finely filling each drawing with stitches.

Hannah also has her own business designing patches. Frustratingly, she has been a victim of art theft from La Maison Simons and Topshop. Art Theft majorly effects small artists, as million dollar corporations take original designs and “re-purpose” them for profit, resulting in the artist losing out on income.

Having suffered with depression, Hannah finds happiness in embroidery and uses it as a creative outlet. “I enjoy the process. [It can be] very relaxing, it’s very meditative and calming. Even if I have doubts or concerns throughout the piece, by the end of it I’m extremely proud. Knowing that I’ve done every single step by my own hand, it’s very satisfying to me.” (via Fader)

Hannah Hill (@Hanecdote)

Hannah Hill (@Hanecdote)




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