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DIY Self-Care Pin/Patch Tutorial

The other day I posted an image on twitter of my pins, and I thought it’d make a good beginner’s tutorial for those who’d like to begin sewing/embroidering! It can double as either a pin or a patch, I just prefer using pin backs so the piece is interchangeable with a bunch of my outfits. The project is also super affordable with these materials:

• Aida Cloth • Felt Sheets • Embroidery Floss • Needles • Scissors • Pin Backs (optional)  You can find all of these materials at Walmart or order them on Amazon.


So first things first, you’ll have to measure out the size of the patch you’d like to stitch.


Make sure you cut out enough cloth to leave a thick enough border! (You’ll need room to stitch the cloth to the fabric.)



Next, plan out what you’d like your patch to say. This example says ~*~*FAB*~*~ but, it can say anything you want! Also, take note that this piece doesn’t have to be absolutely “perfect”. One of the most lovely things about handmade crafts is that there’s human error. You can see my B is certainly a little rough, haha!


Once complete, place your embroidery onto a felt sheet to measure a thick border for mounting. Cut the felt out!



Then, if desired, sew pin backs onto the felt sheet.



After, feel free to select a new color of floss and use it to stitch the cloth onto the felt. It doesn’t have to be the same stitches you used for your word, and it doesn’t have to be a complete border. Feel free to experiment and choose what you like most!



And tada! We’re done! Depending on the intricacy of your stitches, this project could take a few hours, but the most basic stitches can result in a patch being made in under half an hour. What’s beautiful about this project is that anyone can participate and make a patch, regardless of their skillset. If you make one, please @ Me on Twitter!







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