Craftivism and Charity – Some Examples On How To Make and Give

Sometimes activism can be a lot. Even with crafting. When I’m feeling burnt out from all of the issues in our world, I try to craft as a way to directly impact someone in need. Here are some ways we can still use our crafting capabilities for good!

Charity Bear - Shiny Happy World

Shiny Happy World offers an in-depth tutorial on how to make these cute bears as gifts for those in need. They emphasize that this tutorial is also easy enough for children to do!

Days of Girls Feminine Hygiene Kit

Days of Girls provides girls with a kit of handmade sanitary pads for their menstrual cycle. So far, Days of Girls has provided 640,000 women and girls with access to feminine hygiene products. Their website offers connections and ways to get involved, whether you’d like to sew solo or join a group or chapter to meet fellow crafters.


Crochet Spot Charity List

The Crochet Spot compiled a long list of places in need and willing to accept crochet creations! Also, take into consideration reaching out to one of your own local places (LGBTQ Center, Women’s Shelter, Children’s Hospital, etc.)


Whenever you are sending out your hand-made pieces, consider making a care package with other materials that could be extremely useful to those in need.




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