King Sophie’s World

Sophie’s crazy meticulous and intricate embroidery work caught my eye a few months back when I saw her “Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them because they like them.” jacket. It was practically love at first sight, having a resonance to when I was pushed into lockers by abusive, moronic boys in elementary school. The eye-rolling response of “Oh, they do that because they like you” is fucked up and tiring. It’s refreshing to see artists create work as resistance to those weird traditional notions.


“I wanted to subvert the traditional meaning of roses, that signify love and deface them with statements about betrayal.” – Sophie

To me, roses always symbolize gifts of romance or remorse, so it’s intriguing how Sophie’s merging the two together. I’m curious if the leaf’s thickness was forgiving to needlework, or if she had to go through a few roses to get the desired look. Sophie’s embroidery work on roses made me consider other surface options/materials where I could potentially leave an impactful message.

King Sophie's World

Sophie embroiders sequins one-by-one to create massive patches that have been worn by artists like Gwen Stefani. Some of her pieces can be purchased at her shop, as well as t-shirts and buttons.


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